Tinstøbeform F-932 Trumpeter

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Form til 40 mm tinfigur
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Støbeform til 40 mm Tinfigur

Cavalry were seen as the elite units in any army, useful for scouting enemy formations and hit and run tactics against unprepared or inexperienced infantry. The horse was a formidable weapon in its own right, combined with the height advantage of the rider, made facing a charge of cavalry something foot soldiers feared during any combat. The trumpet was used as a substitute for the infantry drums to signal other cavalry to follow certain tactical orders where voices were inadequate.

The French Regiments, the Karoliners and the Irish Wild Geese are the same vulcanised black rubber moulds. F932, S932 & I932 are the same mould supplied with a label with a picture appropriate to that regiments colour scheme.

You can cast up to 500 castings per hole using Prince August Model Metal. Keep the moulds out of direct sunlight when storing them. Never use water to cool metal in a mould.

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